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Since 1978, Shumate has led Heating and Air Conditioning services across the Southeast.

Shumate Mechanical began in a modest 3,000 square foot office located in the Stone Mountain, Georgia area in 1978. From there the company grew as it installed HVAC systems in new homes and neighborhoods in the area. Both the installation and service crews were small but determined. Harold Shumate, the owner, often performed service work while selling jobs and managing his business. Devoted family and employees, some of whom are still with the company today, were the driving force behind this small firm's initial success.

"Our firm has always been grounded in the principles of exceptional customer service, on time product delivery and my personal commitment to making every job reach the standards I would expect if the work were done in my own home."

-Harold Shumate

This year, we have opened our newest location — right here in Middle Tennessee. While new to the business community, the Shumate family are locals — having had a home here for years, and actively participating in the community, including a passion for Tennessee Riding Horses.

Headed up by our 3rd generation — Harold Shumate's granddaughter, Rae Shumate — and our newest General Manager, Matt Hoover, our Tennessee location is quite literally our pride and joy.

We continue to pride ourselves on our second to none work ethic. Everyone at Shumate rises each day with one goal in mind: be the very best version of ourselves.

For our customers, that means a simple promise: you call, and we come. We are open, and answer every call live — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From the moment you call Shumate, to the moment your home is 100% comfortable again, will never, ever be more than 24 hours. Guaranteed.

That's why our motto has always been: When your family just can't wait — it's time to call Shumate.

History is written one day at a time. And every day our employees help write another page in Shumate's history and its future. Their skill, dedication and respect for our customers are vital to our long-term success.

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